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The story of Immacuel begins in his adolescence during the earlier part of the twentieth century. The boy lived in a small, homely town in Massachusetts and his father worked as steel mill worker for a local corporation. However, when the recession came about, there was complete economic pandemonium as the market crashed and businesses across the land were forced to close and thousands left unemployed. Unfortunately, Immacuel "˜s father was one of those that were forced out of work drowned in loans that the family could never pay back. In a desperate search for a mediocre job, the family moved throughout the country with little luck as the nation faced harsh times. Eventually the two parents found work in New York City, where they began long before the sun rose and came home with only a few hours to spend with their son, Immacuel.

Immacuel had begun to acquaint himself with loneliness and derived ways to amuse himself despite the fact he would never know if there would be any food on the table for dinner that night.

However, there was always one thing that kept Immacuel occupied and that was his appreciation for nature and nature's appreciation for Immacuel. No matter where Immacuel went, he always got along well with the animals that inhabited the neighborhood. Birds would never flutter off in fear, squirrels would not race up trees, and dogs would not bark. It seemed as Immacuel had an unwritten connection with nature, one that we as inhabitants of this planet have lost as we are overcome with avarice and corruption in society. Moreover, this bond is what saved young Immacuel during a cold winter and inspired many generations to follow.

"Yo, heads up!!!" a speeding snowball smacked Immacuel in the head with a startling "thud!" The group of boys ran off as Immacuel's mother came to see if the snowball did not hurt her son. "I'm fine Ma," he beamed while rubbing his head, "They're just fooling around." Deep inside, Immacuel was disgusted by the foolish kids, not angered by them. He had his share of jokes made at his expense and tired of it. A pigeon flow overhead and perched itself upon Immacuel's head, chirping its song which in turn cheered him up a bit. Before Immacuel finally gave up all hope in society, he found a friend.