Devotion on Luke 23:53 for religion class.

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God's love is beyond imagination...and through Lent I see this... in a Linen Cloth!

God's Word for today's Lenten Devotion ............................................Luke 23:53

Then he took it down, wrapped it in linen cloth and placed it in a tomb cut in the rock, one in which no one had yet been laid.

God's Message for the day on Lent:

A man not even knowing Jesus, except being a member of the Council and not agreeing with the judgment on Jesus, took Jesus's body and buried it. He buried him in a tomb. This tomb was empty before him. He wrapped Jesus's body in a linen cloth. He covered Jesus. Some people believe today that this is the Shroud of Turin. This, though hard to believe, makes some sense. God he people document all the important events concerning Jesus except for the resurrection in the tomb. There was no one in the tomb with Jesus that day.

It would make sense that God left evidence the only event that no one was present for in Jesus's life. This gives us yet another reason that proves our religion true. Even if the Shroud of Turin is not real, God still used a worthless cloth and made it extraordinary.

A Linen Cloth helps me look forward with great anticipation to the National Youth gathering....

If this Shroud of Turin is really the cloth that covered Jesus during the

resurrection if confirms my faith yet again, proving again that God loves me more then anything because he gave his Son. Even if the Shroud of Turin and the linen cloth is not the same thing it doesn't matter. The cloth alone is living proof that God still loves us more then anything. It tells that God sent his only Son to fie for us...