The Dew Breaker

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November 23, 14


Extra Credit: The Dew Breaker

There are many things to consider in "The Dew Breaker" which every short story involved Ka's father the Dew Breaker. Throughout the entire book I have gotten different reactions towards him. In the "The Book of the Dead" we see his struggles to try to explain to Ka why he got ride of the wooden sculpture. He says, "Ka, I don't deserve a statue, not a whole one, at least. You see, Ka, your father was the hunter, he was not the prey." I think it's very courageous of him at this point in the story to do this. I feel this is important because it says a lot about his recovery and redemption of what he did in his younger years. If he wouldn't care of his image and how Ka perceives him I believe he would have just let Ka sell the statue, but he doesn't.

By him not allowing this he is expressing that he cannot be valued as a statue because he does not deserve one and by doing so he is breaking the news to Ka ultimately confusing and hurting her. For him to be honest I feel is something to feel for. "This man who cut my face," he continues, "I shot and killed him, like I killed many people." Shortly after this Ka is confused she doesn't know what to do and she decides to call her mother. This is another important part of this short story that helps towards understanding the dew breaker and how he changed from being a murderer to a loving family father. As the mother explains to Ka over the phone "You and me, we save him. When I meet him, it made...