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Gayoso 1

Monica Louise Gayoso

AP Euro History, P.1

Mr. Jones

19 August 2014


I disagree with the philosopher Berkeley. He stated that the only things that exist are the things we perceive, but we do not perceive materials. I believe that all materials are real. Everything that can be proven by all of our five essential senses is real. Berkeley believed in one spirit that causes 'everything in everything'. He believed that everything that exists in our word only exist in the world of this spirit. He states, "All our ideas have a cause beyond our consciousness, but this cause is not or a material nature. It is spiritual. We exist only in God's mind." What he is trying to say is that there is a possibility that we are not really real and everything in the world is just God's imagination.

I disagree with Berkeley because I believe that we are creations of God and that we are real.

Everything we feel see and hear are real. There is no such thing as people being in a dream. People are God's greatest creation and without people being on earth things would be different because people are the ones with the ideas. People are able to reason on their own. God doesn't tell people how to live because they have their own thoughts. It is merely impossible for one spirit to control all hence why God created people with independent minds.

Berkeley also states, "The only things that exists are those we perceive". He is saying that nothing around us is really real because we have no real proof that we are real. What he is trying to say is that we are only an idea of God. He said that everything that we think is real...