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The Dhammapada covers the many aspects of the Buddha's teaching, and are to be used as a basis for personal instruction. His teachings offer a body of instructions explaining the true nature of existence and showing the path that leads to liberation. The Dhammapada is a practical guide to the right living, and is based upon the Buddha's own realization of reality. The teachings lead one who practices them to that excellence, and guide those who follow to rebirth in the next life, attainment, and happiness.

To reach happiness with yourself, you must avoid violence, evil, irritability, etc. The Buddha taught to live in peace with yourself, and to cleanse your mind of all evil activity. One should not destroy life, and should refrain from stealing. They are taught to live honestly and righteously, and to treat everyone with kindness and compassion.

The Budda believed that Kamma is a desire.

Everyone creates his or her own happiness, or his or her own suffering. Kamma is described as our own doings reacting on ourselves. The Buddha taught to do good, and good will come to you. " A person who repeats doing meritorious actions, he should delight in doing good. Happiness is the result of accumulation of merit." (Dhammapada 118)

The Buddha, "the Enlightened One" wrote the verses that make up the Dhammapada. When he was twenty-nine, he decided to leave the royal city and go to the forest to live as an ascetic. He was trying to find a way to free himself from suffering. For many years he experimented with different systems of meditation, but found that none of them brought him any closer to his goal. Finally, while sitting in deep meditation beneath a tree at Gaya, he attained Supreme Enlightenment and became the Buddha.

In my opinion the only way to be enlightened is to not try to be. I feel if you follow the Buddha's teachings, and have a clear mind, it will happen when it is suppose to. Good things come when you least expect it.