Dharavi Solutions

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Dharavi Solutions

Rachel Friesen

October 17, 2014



This paper involves researching the sustainability crisis in Mumbai while considering the Dharavi slum as holding potential solutions for the environmental emergency. The research question pursued in this paper is whether the Dharavi slum of Mumbai holds solutions for Mumbai's environmental crisis. This will be done through analyzing multiple peer reviewed and research articles while delving into a focused case study of the Dharavi slum itself. Upon examination of these sources it becomes evident that Dharavi has many potential solutions for Mumbai's environmental concerns. Dharavi succeeds at embodying a combination of advanced grassroots recycling programs, innovative economic means and high levels of adaptability within its population allowing for it to thrive as a ecosystem. Therefore the provided outcome of the research highlights the importance of using Dharavi as a leading example in future sustainability pursuits for Mumbai.[1:

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Mumbai's mass urbanization has accelerated over the past sixty years. Large groups of India's poor from rural settings have migrated into the now megacity of Mumbai leading to its metropolitan population skyrocketing to about 21 million. Many of these urban poor take up residence in the Dharavi slum, situated in the middle of the financial capital. Dharavi offers affordable living with rents as low at four dollars per month and easy access to Mumbai's two main subway lines, making it a highly attractive area for migrants to the city. Dharavi is an evident "squatter city,' meaning that the population residing within Dharavi's boundaries have zero legal ownership of the land. Yet Dharavi is has a thriving economic ecosystem with the annual rates of economic turnover output reaching to an estimated 650 million a year. Quality of life...