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First I will tell you what diabetes is. Diabetes is when your pancreas does not produce enough insulin to feed your cell, so if you eat a sandwich your body produces insulin to feed your cell and keep your blood sugar under control, in a diabetics case there body does not produce any insulin so as they eat their blood sugar just keeps increasing. So diabetics need the insulin to lower their sugar and keep them alive. If a diabetics sugar gets to high they can go into a diabetic coma and they will be in it until their sugar is lowered. If a diabetics sugar is to low the diabetic can just pass out and never get up, but there is a device called an eppypen and that device makes you throw up and it wakes up the diabetics.

Researchers are trying so hard to find out different ways to help out diabetics in all stages, type one or type two.

There is a article about a pill that type two diabetics will take and it will help control their blood sugar levels. If this actually works that's a great success for diabetics, some people do not realize the stress that diabetics go through, it is a constant stressful day after day. You do not know if what you are going to eat will hurt you or not, and you do not know when you can go anything can happen these days so it makes it more difficult if you have an illness or disease. There is a lot of doubts to this. For example it states "In addition to multis, some diabetes supplements focus on just one or two nutrients know to help control blood sugar(page 7). Many individual ingredients in these supplements have research behind them that...