Diabetes Symptoms and Prevention

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Diabetes is a chronic disease that appears due to the fact that the pancreas doesn't make the quantity of insulin that the human body needs. Insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas, is the principal substance responsible for the correct values of sugar in the blood.

This permits glucose to be transported to the interior of cells, so that these produce energy or store the glucose until its utilization is necessary.

When this fails, it causes an excessive increase of the sugar in the blood (hyperglycemia). In fact, the scientific name of this disease is diabetes mellitus, which means "honey".

Diabetes in the world

· 383 million people have diabetes. In 2035, the number will increase up to 592 million.

· The number of people with type the II diabetes is increasing in all the countries.

· 80 percent of the peoples with diabetes live in countries of average and low income.

· Most people with diabetes have between 40 and 59 years old.

· 175 million people have not been diagnosed.

· The diabetes caused 5,1 million deaths in 2013

· In 2013 diabetes caused a health spending at least 548 billion dollars.

· More than 79 thousand children developed type I diabetes in 2013.

· More than 21 million mothers were affected by diabetes during pregnancy in 2013.

Types of diabetes:

Type one , which appears in persons of any age and is caused by genetic factors. In other words, it is hereditary;

Type two , which one develops gradually because of some disorder in the person's organism.

Gestational diabetes (GDM) is a form of diabetes consisting of high blood glucose levels during pregnancy. It develops in one in 25 pregnancies worldwide and is associated with complications to both mother and baby. GDM usually disappears...