Diabetes: A Wake Up Call

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Most people have experienced the alarm clock going off. Then half awake, he pushes the snooze button in order to get another wink of sleep. He dozes into a deeper sleep. After a little while the clock rings out again. He looks up at the clock; it's 6:30 A.M. He realizes time is running out. The same happens to many others when they first see signs of diabetes. Like pushing the snooze button on an alarm clock they don't heed the wake up call.

Being overweight doesn't necessary mean one has diabetes, but if he have a quick loss of weight and in many cases still heavy; this is a warning that one is in a danger zone. If he is diagnosed with high blood sugar (diabetes); meaning technically that the pancreas is making insulin but the body isn't properly using what it is making to move the sugar (glucose) into the muscles for energy then he needs to start an exercise program.

If an individual is overweight and his blood sugar has been running high it is possible that he may be able to control his problem with exercise and diet alone. In some cases, the high levels of blood sugar must be controlled with oral medication that reguralates and controls sugar levels.

Once a person experiences symtoms of diabetes he should get a thorough medical exam. If one is overweight and experiencing fatique most of the time this is a wake up call to have a diabetes test. That person could be too late to stop the adult onset (type 2) diabetes but she still has time to get it under control.

When one has the symptoms he should get a blood sugar test because in an article in Time it says, "Diabetes can kill its victims in...