Diagnoisis of Attention Deficit Disorder and if Ritalin should be taken.

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Over the past several years there has been much discussion dealing with the over diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. The big controversy is whether or not Ritalin should be prescribed to those diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. The use of Ritalin has highly increased over the past five years, which make people think that it is over prescribed. They have brought up arguments of people abusing the drug, the side effects of using it, and how it can be addictive. But these people against Ritalin aren't the ones taking it. For those who have ADD and ADHD, Ritalin helps them. " Just as a pair of glasses help the nearsighted person focus, so can medication help the person with ADD see the world more clearly" ( Hallowell 235 ).

Ritalin is methylphenidate, which stimulates the central nervous system. It is used to help people ADD or ADHD.

Ritalin calms them and helps them focus. It is a pill form and taken orally. The dosage of Ritalin is prescribed by the doctors and varies in the amounts taken by each individual. Ritalin last for hours, and it may be used for that persons' life span. It can help one focus better, sustain effort over a long period of time, reduce anxiety and frustration, reduce irritability and mood swings, increase efficiency by enhancing concentration as well as reducing time lost in distraction, and increase impulse control. Ritalin is not addictive to those who are prescribed it and it does not take away their creativity, which many people believes it does. ( Hallowell 239 )

As a Ritalin taker, I have noticed the difference of my behavior while on it, and while off it. I started taking Ritalin in 1st grade after much testing. My grades...