Diagnostic Esay. Just a diagnostic essay my teacher assigned to get an idea of or writing skills.

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Diagnostic Essay

I decided to take classes at ________ for three key reasons. The location of the school is one of the main reasons for attending as well as flexible schedules. I also decided to attend to help begin my career in law enforcement.

The location of _______ was the most critical reason for attending. _________ is the only school close enough to allow me to keep my job and earn my degree. The fact that I would not have a long commute helped me make my decision.

I needed a school with flexible schedule and _______ was able to offer me that. My job often has me working days as well as nights. The staff is able to help me pick the schedule that does not conflict with work.

I know that earning my degree in Criminal Justice will open many doors for me in the law enforcement community.

The skilled and helpful staff is doing everything they can to help ensure that I get the best education that I can. After receiving my degree many state and federal jobs will become available to me that was previously unavailable.

These three reasons were the key reasons for choosing _____. There were many reasons for choosing the College that I did. Location, flexibility and career benefits are the main reasons for choosing _______ for my higher education needs.