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It's hard to leave a place that you've been for a while. Transferring schools is a difficult process, especially when you have tons of friends where you are and you're going to a place where you know only a few. It was the beginning of my sophomore year of high school, and a friend that I played basketball with in summer basketball in the eighth grade was trying to convince me to transfer to his high school, Kennedale. My mom said she would transfer me is that really was what I wanted. So it was all on me, and I was in a real pickle. I didn't want to leave because I wouldn't be around my friends as much as I was use to. I also didn't know anything about Kennedale except that their academics were better than Trimble Tech's. Therefore transferring there would give me a greater opportunity to go to college.

Academics are the most important thing in life and I felt like Trimble Tech's programs weren't as good as Kennedale's, so that was a major concern for me.

Now athletically, Kennedale would be a better fit. I felt the coach was better at Kennedale and I would get more playing time. Basketball at Trimble Tech was fun because it was based on athleticism and going to Kennedale would teach me discipline and fundamentals. The only downside about going there was that I wasn't going to be able to play with my friends. I love hooping with my old friends and if I left, I would have to meet a bunch of new people and also figure out their playing styles. Team chemistry is the most important in the game of basketball, and playing with totally different people can take some time to get...