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Obi is on his way to his father when he meets an old school mate

from Umofia.

OBI:Oh! Hallo Jacob it was a long time ago we met. How are you?

Jacob:Thanks ,I`m fine.

It was certanly a long time ago we met.

What are you doing here in Umofia?I heard you work for the Civil

Service in Lagos,I hope it`s fun.

Obi:I`m here to visit my dad and mum.It was a long time ago I

visited them and I have something Important to discuss with them.

Jacob:Oh I see,what is this important thing that has brought you to


Obi:Ok the problem is that I have met a girl,her name is Clara.

We met at a dance then on the boat-trip back from England .

We fell in love and now we want to marry each other,but there is a

slight problem.

Clara is an Osu,but in my eyes she is the most beautiful woman in

the world,she is like the sun in a sunset and a moon in the night

,there is always light shining from her.

It`s not a fare world we are living in,she can`t responsible for

something her ancestors did.

I`m going to marry her I don`t care what others will say about it.

Jacob:Calm down brother! I`m your friend and I`m christian too but

you know what the people in the village think about Osus.

If you want to have your dignety you do better not marry her.

If you marry her everone will call you and your children Osus

and you will bring shame not only on your family but also on all

your ancestors.

Obi: I know all that already.This is modern time and people are

more free now to choose so why can`t I choose who I...