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Last Call

"I'll get it." The infernal ringing of the telephone awoke me. I rolled out of bed and fell on the floor. In a daze, I look at my clock that indicated that it is eleven o'clock at night. The phone rang again, so I scurried off of the floor, hopefully reaching it before anyone would wake up.

"Hello," I said while picking at the sleep in my eyes.

"Brian, what are you doing right now?" the unidentified person said.

"Who is this?" I said while I yawned. At first I thought that it was Robert.

"This is Tony. Who did you think it is your mamma?" he asked me in a sarcastic manner. I quietly crept into my room. I shuddered as my door squeaked as I was closing it. I quickly look out of my room to see if anyone had stirred. With a sigh of relief I move back into my room where my cat is looking at me with sleepy eyes.

She slowly stretches out and then curls herself back into a ball.

"What are you thinking; calling me at eleven o'clock on a school night?" I yelled quietly into the phone. I slipped back under my big comforter, which gave me a feeling of comfort and warmth.

"I was just calling you to say goodnight to ya Brian. Well, I do have some girls over here that are begging for you, but you know that mean's nothing to you. We plan on getting drunk tonight. Do you think you might be able to stop by tonight?" he said with pride. I rolled my eyes, because Tony always does this to me. How did he get drinks, and what girls is he talking about?

"I think that I'll pass Tony," I said assumingly.

"Common Brian; Erica is over here! You know how much you like her. Ha ha." Tony said with enthusiasm. I sat up in my bed in an instant. Does he actually think that Erica will make me come over and why is she hanging out with Tony? I am going to kill Tony if he told Erica that I like her. If only I knew what he was up to.

"No way! How did you get her over to your house? I never knew that you two were that good of friends." I said surprisingly. I could never imagine her spending time with Tony, except for that fact that he does have alcohol. I want to go over to his house right now, because I know how fun it is to just get wasted with some girls. Lights came across my room as a car squealed its tires, and it brought me back to reality.

"I told her that you would come over, and that we would get drunk," Tony said in his usual mischievous voice. I hope Tony is lying to me like he usually does. I just cannot stand it when he lies to me. My eyes keep moving towards the clock, and my cat grew uneasy. She keeps meowing at me as if I should just hang up the phone and go to sleep. I do not want to hang up though. I cannot leave Erica over there all alone, I mean she is not my best friend for no reason at all.

"Well I think she should go home, because I know how you are when you get drunk Tony," I said seriously. If he takes advantage of her I am going to be pissed.

"What's that supposed to mean? You know I can handle myself here!" Tony said arrogantly. I could tell that he was also getting pissed at me. I know he can handle

himself, but I still do not trust him with Erica and any other girls he has over there.

"I'm only looking out for both of you. You don't want anything unexpected to happen now. What is she doing right now?" I questioned. I hope they have not started. If I can just talk Tony out of it then maybe nothing rash will happen.

"She's about to start the festivities here, so you should come over before you miss something," Tony said laughing wickedly. My spine tingled while he laughed. I felt out of place and I knew they had already started. What else could I do now? My best friend's cold fingers seem to grasp my throat.

"Tell her that I'm coming over to talk to her," I said carefully. I grew more cautious, and terrified that something was going to be forced on Erica.

"Great we'll start right away! Now hurry up and get over here," Tony said ecstatically. I heard a click and silence. I never knew how silent the house could be. The urge to scream into the phone came, but I broke the silence with a questioning voice.

"Tony I'm not going to drink. I'm coming over to pick up Erica. Tony..." I said while fear made me cringe. I thought that I would never let go of the phone, and it was just after midnight. Millions of ideas swirled around my head and I wanted to lash out in anger. The fury is building as I throw the phone on the bed. I got past the anger and threw on some clothes, as I picked up my keys and said my prayers. I opened the car door and the memory fades to black.