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"Why did we choose such a far away hotel" asked Chris. Approaching what we dread would be a good 30 min drive to the basketball courts. "Once again, we were late when we signed up for this tournament," says David. "One of these times we'll be with the whole team", says Chris. "It is ok I can't sleep too well when there's a lot of commotion around",answered Tony. Throughout the past couple of years our club basketball team has grown pretty close. We go on an average of 10-12 weekend tournaments a year and depending on the location we arrange car pools or we fly there. During these adventures we have our close 3-4 players and family on the team. Coincidentally my particular family and I are friends with the other players that are late most of the time. So of course it's always me, Chris and Tony that are late to the games.

Fortunately we are the three captains of the team so our tardiness is overlooked periodically.

"David, Chris, and Tony come over here now, yells Coach Finel. Why every tournament we play in you three are always late? I try to be somewhat nice and understanding when it comes to traveling and I know your not of age yet to drive so it's up to your parents. I have talked to each one of your parents today and informed them that they need to be on time for you to be well-prepared for the game. As of today there will be no exceptions for you three. So, please don't make me out to be the bad guy, be responsible and help your parents out when they're preparing to leave. They are doing this for you". Ok, sorry coach, we'll do the best we can",