Diamond and Graphite.

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1. In question one I have to make a table (the one below) and give the differences between DIAMOND and GRAPHITE.

Diamond Graphite


Carbon atoms form a single bond to four other atoms. They are arranged in tetrahedral geometry. They are shaped in cubes. Each carbon atom is bonded with three neighbours. They are shaped hexagonal.


Diamond is the hardest thing on earth. It is transparent and very brilliant. Graphite is a very soft carbon. It is opaque and metallic and to earthy looking.


Diamond is an insulator. No mineral can scratch a diamond but a diamond can scratch all other minerals. It has a hardness of 10MOHS. Has a high melting point. Graphite is a conductor of electricity. All minerals can scratch graphite but it is difficult for a graphite to scratch many minerals, as it is very soft. It has a hardness of 1-2MOHS.

Has high melting point.


Diamond has captured human interest because it can reflect the light back that has entered it. It can also change while light into many different colours of the rainbow. Graphite is used in pencils, high temperature crucibles, dry cells, light arch electrodes boats, trays, jigs moulds, dies and many more uses. White graphite has many technological uses.

2. What do the following words mean?

a. Allotrope:

Some elements exist in different forms in the same shape. Like diamond and graphite are both forms of carbon but their carbons are arranged in different manners.

b. Covalent:

A chemical bond in which two atoms are held together by sharing electrons between them. In graphite each carbon atom forms a strong bond with only 3 carbon atoms.

c. Electric Conductivity:

Electric Conductivity is if a material can conduct electricity or not. Like diamond can't conduct electricity;...