Dian Fossey

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Dian Fossey was in Africa to help and study the mountain gorillas. She was able to learn lots of things about the gorillas that know one knew. She was able to get close to the gorillas and be like a family. She helped protect the gorillas so that they wouldn't be extinct.

Dian Fossey faced many problems while she was in Africa. She had no experience with gorillas or any other animals. She was only a physical therapist. Dian Fossey wasn't an outdoor person. She loved the gorillas so much. She had to get used to hiking everyday, and not living close to civilization. She was depending on the funds she got from the organization. She had to live off that money. There were no phones or internet to talk to anyone. She had to write letters back and forth to get her information. She had to always break the poacher's traps so that they didn't capture any wild animal.

They poachers though she was a witch because of her hair. Dian Fossey had a hard time with these problems, but she found out a way to deal with them.

Dian Fossey was murdered at the end of the movie. Someone broke into her house and killed her with a machete. Then they buried her next to the gorilla that had been killed.

I think we should help endangered species. We should help the animals so that they don't become extinct. The government should give money to organizations that will help the animals or set up its own organizations to help save the animals. Once the animals are gone there gone and there not coming back. The government should spend 100 million on the animals. They can get this money by taxing all the states. There should be protected land so the animals can be safe. Then they can hire animal police so they can make sure no poachers try to come and kill them. The animal police can carry guns just in case. We should try to help all the endangered species. If there isn't enough money we should start with the animals with the lowest population. Then when the population goes up we should go help another species. There is no need to let animals to go extinct. It is our jobs as Americans to make sure that no more animals go extinct. People should help by contributing money to the foundation. If they people get involved it would help a lot. There should be a website that people can go to, to find out all about it. There should be some T.V commercials, because lots of people will see it. This will help get our message out. If the species does become extinct there are some things that might happen. If another species depended on this species the species would probably die. The environment would change because there wouldn't be that animal around to help it. So people know what can happen so we should make sure no more animals go extinct.