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Dear Diary

As I opened my eyes there it was a big green longhaired thing its eyes were as golden as the moon, its ears as big as an elephants, and its nose as wide as a moose's. As it slithered towards me on its fifth teen tentacles. Its growl shook the earth beneath me as if you had placed some amplifiers face down and had an album up full blast.

And then.........

Well maybe I should start from the beginning by introducing myself. My name is Tariq Akram I am fifth teen years of age and am at high school. . I recently moved over to the states from the Great Britain.

The reason I moved was because of my parents they are both well-known scientists and have come over here to find a cure t find a cure for the aids infection. Sure it sounds good but I hardily get to spend any time with them and am never in the same house for longer than two months because I am always moving from country to country.

But then I bet you are wondering how I got here.

Anyway started the day I started school here the first lunch I met this weird girl a Goth her name was Claudia. Her face looked like someone had got a bucket of black and white paint and just poured it all down her face.

As I got to know Claudia I suspected she was hiding something I wasn't sure what I just knew she was covering her real expression and feelings. She had been living here for ten years and had been going to school here from the beginning and then she started telling me about a monster that lived in this haunted house at the corner of...