Diary of Anne Frank - Spin off story (what would have happened if they were caught)

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The inevitable has emerged. The Nazis have arrived. As thousands of questions flood through my mind, I know not what to think. I could only stand there petrified and waiting for my demise. My grip on Peters hand tightening each second as was his. I did not know what do or think. But instead I asked myself. Are they really coming to get us? Are we really going to be sent to the concentration camps, to share the same fate as the other millions of Jews?While I remain in shock a question arose in my mind. How did they find our location I asked myself? After all the precautions we have taken in order not to be discovered. How has this failed us? What was our downfall? NO! I had no time to think of these silly things. We are about to be seized by enemy hands, we MUST escape.

But how? I looked to father; his expression was the same as mine and everyone else in the room. The Nazi soldiers have broken down the front door. We could hear them ruffling through the furniture in search of something, in search of us. They have come to the book case, the barrier that separates us from the outside world. They annihilated the book case as if it were nothing. My heart is now beating a million times per second and my grip on Peter’s hand was so tight that his hand had turned red. The Nazi soldiers have entered the Secret Annexe.

What we all dreaded and feared for so long has now arrived inside our hiding place, inside our home. The Nazis charged in without hesitation and everyone stood there showing no signs of hope, of getting out alive. Mr. Van Daan hesitates to retaliate hoping for...