Diary Entry as a Jewish Child During Hitler's reign

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Dear Diary, 9/23/1938

Germany has been under a new rule by Adolph Hitler lately, and it has been pure hell. His tyrannical rule makes it impossible for Jewish people to live in Germany, and I don't know how much longer my family can go on under these conditions. My friends have been sent off to a camp already. It's not too long before my family will have to go too. Economically, my family has struck an all time low. We have never been this short of money. Before Hitler's reign, my dad worked at a respectable position, until our religion was run down.

We made a living, and made a comfortable one at that. Now we're in hiding with our Christian friends gathering us food with their own money. My father has promised to repay him, but that's only if we get out of this alive. Socially, we've had to eliminate our contacts to the outside world.

We can't talk to anyone but each other now because of our religion. Like I said, all our friends, and some relatives have already gone to the concentration camps. I don't see how he thinks the ideal human being looks a certain way. Everyone is different. He doesn't even look like the way he wants people to look.

I heard that nobody can leave the camps, and my dad says that we will not have to go to one of them if we stay quiet and make sure no one finds us here. It's really hard not being able to communicate with anyone, but at least our contact gives us the newspaper so we know what is going on in the world. I strongly disagree with what Hitler is doing and I think something needs to be done immediately, or else we might...