A diary entry written by Romeo after his banishment from Verona.

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Romeo's Banishment

Thursday 22nd March,

What now? Being banished from the city, my family and my true love Juliet who I hope is safe and well. We spent our first night together and we spent it well doing what most people do on their honeymoon, being together. Damn you Tybalt, why did do you do what you did; if only you knew we were family would that have made a difference? Would that let me slip from banishment? And Mercutio my dear friend, "A plague on both your houses" you said, I too wish that to end the pain and anger towards all Monatgue's and Capulet's. Why did it come to this, two deaths, a lost love and a banishment.

I am starting to miss Juliet's face, just knowing the fact that we cannot be together gives me an unwell feeling in my gut. My heart is telling me to go, disobey the law but my mind is telling me to stay maybe its for the good? No, what am I saying we are meant to be together!

I hope in time I will see her again so then I have a reason to be living.

I fear that in time if I do not see her she will have lived another life with another man and even have children of their own. Se couldn't, she wouldn't, she loves me and one day I will be standing by her side with children of our own. Oh I can just imagine it now, its seems so perfect, so dreamlike, so meant to be.

Prince Escalus a name I wish not to hear, the man or evil I should say that banish me from everything that was remotely important in my life. But why do I feel he is the blame?...