The Diary of a women's experience throughout the Civil War..

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Sarah Emma Edmonds was born on December of 1841 in Nova Scotia, Canada. She had a rough and difficult childhood. Sarah had very little education and her dad resented her because she was a girl. Her father hated her so much that he took it upon himself to abuse her. Reasons for resentment was mainly because Sarah was a girl. Sarah tried to prove to her father that she could be a boy under her feminine physical appearance but every day the beatings got worst and worst. It was so bad, that one day during the 1850's Sarah Emma just ran away from home and never returned. She crossed over to the border of the United States of America and to her the United States is her home and country now.

By 1861, Sarah Emma Edmonds had a new name. She traveled all over the West selling bibles using the name Frank Thompson.

Sarah Emma Edmonds (a.k.a. Frank Thompson) moved into Flint, Michigan living a life of pleasure. Then the Civil War hit and the Union called citizens to enlist. Sarah thought that this was her chance to do something meaningful with her life so she cut her hair and tried to enlist into the Union Army as a male named Frank Thompson. It took her four tried but on April 25, 1861, Sarah Edmonds (a.k.a. Frank Thompson) was finally enlisted into the Second Volunteers of the United States Army as a male nurse. Private Frank Thompson (Sarah Edmonds) struggled through some tragedy during the beginning course of the war. She experienced the death of a close friend, which motivated her to volunteer to be a Union spy to get revenge.

During the two years that Sarah (Frank Thompson) served in the Union Army, she completed eleven spy missions. Her...