"The Diary of a Young Girl": Anne Frank.

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This book talks about the author got a present, which is a dairy, from her birthday. So then she begins to write what's happening everyday in her life. She begins to write this book 2 days after her birthday until the year of 1944 Aug 1st.

This dairy mostly talks about the author's life in the attic of the occupant, while her family was hiding from the discovery and capture. Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan brought the Anne's family to the attic. They were having a conflict in the attic between Anne's mother, and her sister. But through this conflict, she fell in love with the son of the Van Daan.

The air raids and bombings came closer to the building where the place the family of Frank, and Van Daan are living. However, since Anne was a positive person, she tried to be positive and not to be fear.

At the end, everyone in the attic were discovered and sent to the concentration camp

Anne was a Jewish person living in Holland. Jewish people were not allowed to do many different things, like going out after eight o'clock at night, kids have to go to Jewish schools, putting a yellow star on their clothes for identifying their Jewish, and etc. But Anne never looked at things very negatively. Reversely, she was positive and optimistic at things happening around her. She tried to express her feelings to her truly friend - Kitty (the diary), since she didn't trust anyone to confide her feelings. Also when they had a conflict between her and her family, the relationship was getting worse, but she also tried her best to solve the problem. What I have leaned from her is that I shall not be afraid, or look at things so...