"The Diary of a Young Girl" - Anne Frank.

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I have chosen the book "The diary of a young girl". This book is written by Anne Frank, it is in a style of a diary. Anne Frank wrote about everything that has happened to the family from 12th of June 1942. This whole diary started on her birthday when she was just having a normal day's life. She received many presents from her family and friends. However, over all the presents she received, her favorite one was this diary. This diary drove her first attention from all the presents that was laid on the table that morning. Anne had a lot of friend and had a nice family however, none of them people she could talk about how she feels deep inside. Therefore, she named this diary "Kitty" and poured out her heart on these pieces of paper. At first, she knew it was stupid but she did not care because she could not stand keeping things to her self any longer.

One day, Anne's sister, Margot, and Anne's dad was called up to the concentration camp. Their whole family was very worried over this matter, as there will be no return after going to the concentration camp. Therefore, their whole family decided to go into a hiding. This hiding is located in Anne's father's office. They left their house with most of what they could. In this hiding, they had the same food everyday. Anne was sick and tired of beans. Anne's family was joined by Mr. and Mrs. Van Daans and their son Peter in the hiding. In the later life of Anne, she fell in love with Peter whom she thought was boring at the very beginning.

Anne was always scared that she and her family would be caught and be shot. Therefore,