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Dear Dick, I am writing you this letter in response to our very nice and interesting conversation at the annual University gathering. I was flattered by your request for advice in making sense of the events that you have faced in your career until this moment. I have to say that I am really touched that you still value my opinion after so many years of personal success. However the information that you shared with me was a little too complex for an old man like me in order to process and to give you the requested advice immediately. In order to put all the information in place I have written down a summary on paper, which you will find in this letter. I would like to take you on a journey through time (your career) covering your different jobs and all the events that you described and give you my opinion on both these events and the way you handled them.

I hope that another point of view will help you to improve your performance and give you an insight from a different kind of angle helping you better understand why certain things happened in order to prevent them in the future.

Let us first go back to the day that you received your Master?s degree in Business Administration. Being 22 years of age you were still very young to start a career. As you already mentioned at that moment in time you had the feeling of having a lot of knowledge but little concrete experience to reflect on. I knew however that you would survive in the real world based on your developed management skills and your charming but natural appearance. Having accepted a sales job at Tri-American you had an excellent start in landing a single, large...