Dick Whittington and his cat by Mark Clements

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Critical review.

The pantomime that I am going to review is Dick Whittington and his cat by Mark Clements. The production was held at Derby playhouse and ran from 26/11/02 to 18/01/03.

Cast (In alphabetical order.)

Alderman Fitzwarren/Sultan Of MoroccoJohn Branwell

Dick WhittingtonAlison Carter

King RatPhilip Cox

Silly BillyPete Dunwell

Alice FitzwarrenHelen Fisher

Tommy The CatSuzy Rochford

Sarah The CookAdam Stafford

Fairy Bow BellsSarah Weymouth

From a child's point of view, I would say that the performance was fairly successful as the children seemed to enjoy it and participated enthusiastically throughout. However, pantomime today, is as much entertainment for adults as it is children and from an adult's point of view, I don't believe that the production was quite as successful as it could have been. As Veronica Lee says in her review of recent pantomimes: "Panto has become fun for adults as well as for children."

(Lee, 2000 pg 7)

Dicks Journey starts when he hears many rumours that the streets of London are paved with gold.

He decides to go and see for himself if the rumours are true. After travelling many miles, Dick finally reaches London, only to find that the streets are not paved with gold at all. Just as Dick and his trusty cat, Tommy are about to give up and return back to Gloustershire, he gets a job working for Alderman Fitzwarren, scaring all the rats away from Cheapside. He falls in love with Alice (Fitzwarrens daughter) and things couldn't seem to get any better for Dick. However, whilst Dick and Tommy are guarding Fitzwarrens only savings, the evil King Rat tricks them. Dick is accused of stealing the savings and is banished from London. He starts making his way back to Gloustershire when he hears the sound of Bow Bells telling him...