Who Dictates UK Foreign Policy

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Who Decides Britain?s Foreign Policy? Foreign policy is a key issue in today?s ever shrinking world. The invention of new technologies has brought even are most distant neibours a lot closer to us. The question of who decides Britain?s foreign policy is therefore a pertinent one.

The aims of British Foreign policy, as stated by the Foreign and Commonwealth office are three fold. These are the security of the United Kingdom and the dependent territories by promoting international stability. The prosperity of the United Kingdom that we hope to achieve though the maximum use of our overseas posts to promote trade abroad and boost jobs at home. The improvement of quality of life which we shall, working with others, protect the worlds environment and counter the menace of drugs, terrorism and crime. To secure the benefits for the Untied kingdom the Foreign office shall try and conduct a global foreign policy that follows certain strategic aims.

These aims are; to make the United Kingdom into a leading player in a Europe of independent nations; to strengthen the commonwealth and improve the prosperity of its members and cooperation between its members; to use the status of the United Kingdom at the United Nations to secure more effective international action to keep the peace of the world and to combat poverty in the world; to foster a peoples diplomacy through services to British citizens abroad and by increasing respect and goodwill for Britain among the peoples of the world to strengthen our relationships in all the regions of the world.

Although Britain has a foreign minister, the question is what does he do? Well, the British Foreign minister is officially the key policy maker on the subject of Foreign policy. However, Prime ministers such as Thatcher and Blair seem to have taken...