How did the actors in Woman in Black work well?

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Analyse how you developed your own skill to tackle problems. You should refer to at least one occasion in the preparation period when you used your acting skills to overcome at least one specific problem. (10 marks)

You need to identify TWO problems and match them to SPECIFIC REHEARSAL TECHNIQUES (see list of rehearsal techniques that you could write about)

• Problem One:

I felt like I wasn't connecting to my character enough so I didn't understand how to present her emotions on discovering that someone she knows has been killed in a car crash that she is sent to as a police officer to survey the scene.

• Why was it essential to work on this?

This was essential to work on as I didn't feel like I was portraying my character completely so the audience couldn't feel a connection either which would make our performance less interesting and intriguing.

I think this is a bit woolly. You could write: In order to get the audience to believe in the character and sympathise with her predicament, I felt it was important to address this problem.

• Rehearsal technique that helped you over-come this problem:

I decided to watch police documentaries on surveying crime scenes - especially of crashes. Even though I didn't find any that 100% related to the performance (a crash with someone you know as a casualty) I still picked up important techniques which I used in my performance that helped me to achieve a more convincing portrayal of PC Laura Sneed (have I got the name right?).

• VIVID, DETAILED description of how you went on to use your vocal and physical skills, making sure you quotes line(s) of dialogue. Why was this better? This is the analysis bit of the question and so must...