How did calcium compounds affect the world?

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When most people hear the word 'calcium' they think of what is in milk and other dairy products. Most people think that you need calcium in you body, so you have to drink milk and dairy products. Well, whoever seriously thinks like this should get some extra research done, because calcium is used almost every day in our lives. Not only medically, but also in the world around us. A calcium compound is basically when calcium has been combined with two or more elements. For example calcium hydroxide ( Ca(OH)2 )This very reactive grayish white metal affected the world in both negative and positive ways.

Firstly I would like to talk about limestone. Limestone is a simple chemical compound formally called calcium carbonate ( Ca(Co)3) ). Limestone is found near dry areas around mountains and cliffs. It is usually found as the ore Chalcite. Limestone is probably the most important calcium compound.

Because of the metallic properties of Calcium, lots of valence electrons free to move around, and the negative attraction of the atoms, Limestone is usually used in buildings. 50 % of paper is mainly limestone, where the production of pulp needs lime. Limestone is used in manufacture of most plastics, paints, glue and fertilizers. Another form of limestone is what is known as marble. Another useful Calcium compound is called lime, which is simply made by heating limestone at very high temperatures.

Did you know that most of the products on you breakfast table has to do with Lime? Yes, lime is used on fields to grow better crops, and there is your morning bread. Lime is used to purify water, and there is your daily water. Sugar is also purified with lime, and if chickens don't get their calcium, you get no eggs! Lime is also used...