How did China influenced Japan

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Question: How did Tang Dynasty influence Japan?

China and Japan are both very influential countries in not only Asia, but also the world. The relationship between these two countries is not as tensed as it was in the beginning of the 20th century, but it is not as amicable as it was in Tang Dynasty. The correlation between China and Japan can be traced back to more than 1900 years ago. Since HanWei Period, China and Japan had started sending envoys to each other, which provided the foundation of their future relationship. During such long time of communication between China and Japan, the most closed relationship existed in the Tang Dynasty. Because of such intensified link between the two countries, China during the Tang Dynasty had affected Japan a lot, but the question is how. Generally speaking, China in Tang Dynasty influenced Japanese administrative system, Japanese social culture and its public's daily life.

The administrative effect, resulted from the influence of the Tang dynasty, completely changed Japanese history. In 593, Price Shōtoku tried to establish Tennoism. However, clan rivalries were against his idea and even killed his son. Finally, in 645, a new group of leaders with more power and two scholars named Takamuko no Kuromaro and priest Min, who had studied in China for 30 years, made Taika Reform came true. Two scholars not only pass on what they had learned in China to royal families in Japan, but also brought the idea of the system of feudal society. Such move provided the basis of the formation of feudalism in Japan. Politics and economics were two parts that were innovated most because of Taika Reform. For the former, the court wanted to establish state institution mirroring Tang's imperial bureaucracy and for the latter, the court sought...