Did the German people benefit from Nazi rule in the 1930's?

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The Nazi's came into power in Germany in March 1933 when they pushed the elections their way by arresting Communist party members and their supporters. Also they had a massive amount of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels was the head of Hitler's propaganda movement. Also the Nazi's were aggressive towards their opponents, putting them down to make the Nazi's look better. Even though they used some dubious techniques to get into power, once they were there, they did some things that were great for the German people; they also did some things that were not so great for the German people.

Firstly, after using the Enabling Law to allow him to do anything he wanted for the next four years he made an anti-communist law that banned all 81 members of the communist party from the Reichstag. Then he made the law against the formation of new parties, this got rid of all parties other than the Nazi party making Hitler a dictator.

A benefit to the German people was the fact that Germany would become more stable as other parties that could ruin Germany's stability could not oppose Hitler and that decisions could be made instantly for any problem, which would make Germany more efficient. On the other hand the German people lost their freedom of speech as they could not organise a party to oppose Hitler's ideas and if anyone working for Hitler found that they were against Hitler's ideas the S.S would take them to a concentration camp, this left the German people with no defence against anything Hitler did.

Once Hitler had established his totalitarian dictatorship, Germany was fairly safe from Putsches and other parties attacking buildings and the Nazis, therefore causing trouble for the German people. Then again, people might have wanted this, but...