How did Hitler become chancellor in 1930-1933 This essay is about how Hitler and the Nazi party came to be in power in Germany.

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In January 1933 the Nazi party was invited to form a government, despite the fact that they opposed the Weimar Republic (Constitution)

Soon after becoming a chancellor Hitler and the Nazi party tore up the constitution and set up a dictatorship. In this essay I will explain how this came about.

Ever since Germany became a democratic republic the German people have never been able to accept the democratic system as they hated democracy, because they believed that it was an American ideal, they also opposed the democratic leaders as they felt that they had been 'stabbed in the back' by them, as they were responsible for signing the 'dreadful Treaty of Versailles, which crippled and left their country in economical and political instability.

Under the new democratic system Germany was faced with a lot of difficult challenges, which they could at times not overcome. The German people were starved, poverty levels reached an all time high, the unemployment levels just kept on rising and the German economy were suffering immensely.

The first democratic leader Friedrich Ebert's government was faced with violent oppositions both from the left and right wing opponents. One left wing group was the communist group known as the Spartacist and in January 1919 there was a Spartacist uprising which was led by Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht as they launched a bid to take over the German government, but they did not succeed, because Ebert saw his own power under threat and called in the Freikorps who consisted of unemployed ex-soldiers. The Freikorps defeated the Spartacist and captured and executed the leaders.

After the Freikorp had defeated the Spartacist Friedrich Ebert's government banned the Friekorp. This led to rebellion and violence and in 1920 Dr Wolfgang Kapp led 5,000 Freikorbs into Berlin in a rebellion known...