Did Hitler do anything for Germany apart from give them a bad reputation?

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Hitler did a lot for Germany, in a time of depression, after the 1st world war. He gave Germany reasons for their misery by blaming the Jews and therefore provided them with hope for the future. Germany was left with nothing after World War 1, but Hitler changed that, he provided German people with employment, education, and hope.

After World War 1 Germany was economically depressed, the people were unhappy, they didn't have confidence in their government, they were a broken country. The Treaty of Versailles put such heavy restrictions on Germany that they had to change their currency from the German mark, because it became so worthless; give up the industrial heart of Germany (Rhineland); promise never to make arms, tanks, and aeroplanes; and reduce their army from 6 million people to 100,00 which resulted in unemployment for a large number of German people. Germans were unemployed, poor, and disheartened.

Hitler came and gave the Germans employment by building an army and taking back the Rhineland, and this helped give Germans hope for the future.

Hitler was an intelligent man, he had many ideas, not just those that he became famous for. One of these ideas included the immensely successful "Beetle", or "Volkswagen's" car design. Hitler designed this when he was sitting at a restaurant table in Munich in the summer of 1932. During Hitlers time only the most economically elite had cars in Germany. Hitler believed that all people should be able to own a car. This was a successful step for Germany and they went from having nothing to being one of the few countries with affordable and reliable cars. This vehicle design also resulted in less unemployment because of the new factories required to keep up with demand.

Another one of Hitlers great...