how did life change for christians and jews during the rise of the s?

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During the time of the rise of Adolf , many people were forced out of where they lived in or were made prisoners by staying only in a small area of the country. The s believed that only a certain type of race, called the % s," were meant to be the sole beings living in the south. People living in countries that were neighboring Germany were ed or sent away for slave labor. Young children who didn't have principles instilled in them and did not have moral deeply rooted in them brought in and were taught to be "Germanized."

Hitler especially targeted the Jews. Jews in hiding had to adapt to their living conditions. Some Jews, however, had the nerve to change and side with the Germans, with reasons such as avoiding concentration camps because they believed that the whole thing was ludicrous. There were also some Christians who refused to fall to the s.

Such groups like the Jehovah Witnesses wanted to fight back. There was also an underground network of Christian people hiding Jews and giving them money to survive. Many people with either Christian or Jewish belief were separated from stores and villages. They were also excluded from many of the social events that take place there.

I guess you could say that with the rise of the s, Jews and Christians had to really adapt to their new way of life as their regular stores and supermarkets they went to were quickly closed down due to the s. One by one, their things to do for leisure were slowly going away, as the s either or overtook them. Their liberties started to disappear and very soon they were treated so harshly, as if they were at the bottom of the social class, or otherwise they...