How did the Nazi's gain popularity?

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History Coursework

How did the Nazi party gain seats from having from having 16 in 1925 to gaining 233 by 1935?

This assignment states what I believe is the reason to the Nazi Party's grounds to gaining substantial amount of seats in a space of a few years. Expect to find a report based on both fact and opinion; to prove my declaration of the events during and before 1925 to 1933, it will look at what plans.

Many reasons triggered Hitler and the Nazi party's rise to power during 1925 to 1933. But the one factor that stood above all was Mr. Adolf Hitler himself. Hitler was an outstanding public speaker; he had the skill to acknowledge not just what the German public sought for and in return convey what they wanted to hear, but he also had the ability to 'hypnotise', if you may say, the audience.

Hitler took advantage of the many events that were dominating Germany. He used those events which were occurring such as the Wall Street crash, to increase his popularity as the Germans were infuriated as to how the Weimer republic were not able to stabilise the economy and he also used events that happened to Germany in the past such as the Treaty of Versailles, (which was signed by none other than the Weimer republic), as the Germans were still infuriated of it and believed in the 'stab in the back' theory which was brought up at the conclusion of WW1, he was able to convey the anger and frustration which the people of Germany expressed into the feeling of hope and security . Another factor of Hitler was that he was very passionate about his philosophy; he had extreme theories of and as you may know,