How did the rise of industrialization in the northern states change family roles?

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How did the rise of industrialization in the northern states change family roles?

The family relations have changed a lot by the industrialism in the northern states, its growth causes change in the traditional family roles, which makes a better growth in the society¡¦s economy. Since the labor market had a large demand for the women labor at that time, many manufacture owners had given the women a chance to work in the society. As a result, more and more young people choose to either work outside or help their family. Instead, many young women want to work outside in order to become more independent rather than staying at home doing nothing. For more and more young women want to work outside, some companies even hired young and unmarried women to work in their factory not only because the wages for the women are cheaper but also because they would marry and retire earlier.

During the time the young women are working, they can avoid from parental control when choosing marriage partners. This means they can choose their ideal marriage partner for they no longer depend on their parents. Couples had always been advised by the parents who to marry in the past; until the early 1800s, young men and women were allowed to choose whom to marry by themselves.

Lastly, the Industrial expansion had also changed the lives of the Americans' families for they started to pay more attention on money. Since wealthy is equivalent to peoples' status, the Americans try to earn money all the times in order to become more famous and earn more respect. For this reason, the expansion of industrialization create the middle class in the society and most of the people in the middle class are happy with their living and hope to remain...