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The Dieppe Raid On August 19, 1942, 6,103 soldiers landed on the beaches of Dieppe, a small town on the coast of France. They were participating in Operation Jubilee, the goals of which were to destroy radar and other military installations, seize a neighboring airfield, and capture a German divisional headquarters. The raid was a very bad idea because of the lack of planning in the attack. The Dieppe raid was also a chance for the Allies to test their invasion techniques and equipment. Allied military leaders believed the raid at Dieppe would give their troops valuable experience at launching a major water-to-land assault against the Germans. British warplanes were to bomb the Germans from the air while 6,103 troops and 50 tanks moved from the sea to land using landing crafts. The Allies hoped to capture the port for 12 hours, then take out German prisoners and information about German defenses.

When the raid took place there were 6,103 troops landed on the beech and 4,963 of them were Canadians. The troops landed in random positions and than all of them just attacked there was to strategies or anything planed into the raid so it did not work that well. If all of the other countries in the allies contributed more troop there might have been a different outcome but Canada had most of the troops and also the most deaths. The main reason for most of the Canadian troops in the raid was that when World War II began in 1939, Canada joined the Allies in battling the Germans. Many Canadian soldiers were sent to Britain to defend it from a German invasion. When two years passed without an attack, the Canadian soldiers became bored and restless. Their families back in Canada also began to protest their...