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I chose Kim as my client for two reason; first she bears my name and second she is also near my age.

According to Dr. Halls at, Kim's ideal weight should be at 127 pounds. Yet, Dr. Halls also lists a medical and safe range from 114-150 pounds. If Kim wants to be at her "ideal" weight, she needs to lose three pounds, otherwise she is in the normal and safe range. Kim appears to be active enough in her every day life with work and family. I think all she needs is a small adjustment in her diet. Kim has some issues in her lifestyle that keeps her from maintaining a regular diet. She has a busy schedule as a wife, active mother and has an irregular work schedule and therefore not a lot of time to contribute to meal planning. Also, the variety in her diet is more limited due to the fact that she is a vegetarian.

I am assuming she eats fish and poultry.

Here is the pyramid diagram of the recommended daily servings per day. On the top row-fats, oils (use sparingly), 2nd row-on left-milk, yogurt and cheese (2-3 servings),

on right-meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs and nuts (2-3 servings), 3rd row-on left-vegetables (3-5 servings), on right-fruit (2-4 servings), and the bottom row-bread, cereal, rice and pasta (6-11 servings).

I figured Kim's daily caloric intake by taking her ideal weight and multiplied it by her daily level of activity. For an inactive person, one needs 11 per pound per day, and a moderately active person needs 13 per pound. Even though it said Kim doesn't have a regular exercise routine, she seems very active with her children, therefore I compromised set her activity at 12 per pound. Kim's caloric intake...