Difference between boy's and girl's section in a toy store.

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I have realized that the boys section is all about strength and being dominant, while the girl section is about pretty and more inviting. When I would go into the "boys" section, I felt as if I were going into war. The toys were camouflaged, big in size, and the action figures were abnormally un-proportional to a real human. I would walk out of there as though I am an indestructible "macho man." However, when I would walk into the "girls" section, I felt like I was going to a tea party. Practically everything was pink, fragile, and the barbies seemed to be flawless. They had long blond hair, long tan legs, and did not seem to have any defects whatsoever. I realized that girls are being taught from a young age that they have to be "perfect," like the barbies. The toy store started with a birthday party section.

Surprisingly, it was not separated for both genders. They were put into one section of the store. However, as soon as you passed that section, you can see the difference right away. The pink flashes to you on the left and the more somber, camouflage colors on the right. It is not clearly marked but it is definitely easy to find the section where girls are supposed to go and where boys are suppose to go. When I asked the salesperson why this section was for boys and that other section was for girls, he just answered, "because boys buy these toys and girls buy those toys." I don't think he took Women Studies 10.

There are "gender neutral toys. Those toys are the sporty ones. The basketball/football/soccer all in one were gender neutral. The reason that I can tell is that on the front, there were boys...