The Difference of Marriage and Single:

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There is a variety of way to decide if you'll like to stay single or if you love to get marry. For instance, when you get marry you can count on your companion to assist you buy the house you always wanted, a car, or pay bills. Being married offer you a lot of things like not having to worry about finding a date for Saturday night. When you are married you can ask your wife or husband to go out on-the-town with you. This beat calling up a friend whom might be busy or already planned a date with someone else. Now, when you are single you don't have to take anyone out to eat, if you don't feel like it. Plus, you don't have to worry about making someone happy. But, making someone happy can make you feel good as a person. Your wife or husband is indeed there to make you happy, so when you are happy, you must be willing to do everything in your power to make them happy.

This is what having a family is all about and when you have a family you can count on them to be there for you, when things go wrong. There are some bad times, but that's a part of life. Having to go and ask someone about a problem you're having just might be what you want to do, so being single can be of some kind of way of dealing with your own problem. Now if you are still not sure of what to do, let's look at some more things to think about, like income.

Income can be what make or break a relationship, but if you are married, two incomes are better than one. Now single people don't have to worry about...