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How far love can take you in your life? You probably could never tell unless, you're talking about something that already happened with you or someone else. But, lets take it from the beginning ,you're in love with her, she is in love with you, what would you do if something would suddenly happened to her? There is a large amount of plays that mention this problem.Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare and West Side Story by Arthur Laurents are two of them. Both plays share a lot of similarities, and in the same time they have their differences. One of them is that Romeo and Juliet is written in the 15th century when West Side Story is

basicly the same story in as Romeo and Juliet in our days.

In attempting to be together, Tony is shot by Chino, Maria's fiance. As result of Tony's death,

Maria decides not to end her life, but bring the gangs together.

The deaths of the main characters

Differ. Romeo and Juliet commit suicide, while Tony is murdered and Maria remains alive . The

significanse of the differences is the impact on the reader. The impact of suicide in Romeo and

Juliet causes the reader to feel depressed and negative about love. While Maria remaining alive

and bringing the gangs together, gives the reader a sense of hope. The death of the main

characters in Romeo and Juliet, and West Side Story is one significant difference.

Another big difference between Romeo and Juliet, and West Side Story is the reasons behind

the feuds. After reading Romeo and Juliet, the reader realizes that the reason of hate between two

families is just that one is Capulet and another is Montague. Just after finishing scene 1, in the

first act of the play...