Differences and Resolutions in Team Dynamics

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Many problems occur as people learn to work as a team; problems come with solutions. These various problems and solutions can help the team members learn and grow. Some of these problems include opinions, communication, lack of cooperation, and differences in lifestyles and experience. Even though problems do arise during the team growing process many solutions can counteract the problems that arise. We will discuss how being open-minded, keeping team members informed, being willing, and accepting others as people helps keep the team together as one.

Human beings are naturally opinionated, which can cause problems when they are placed together in groups. One problem that can arise when two or more individuals are in a group setting is they want their opinion heard and to matter, which is a problem for the group because it can disrupt group unity. Each team member wants his opinion to be used and accepted by the others.

When someone's thoughts are neglected or outright rejected by the other team members, generally people tend to feel hurt, and this occurs when negative feeling emerge. Once the unity and togetherness of the group has been broken because of bad feelings, members usually stop participating, virtually ceasing the flow of ideas and opinions. If the group has no fresh and bright opinions or ideas, the group has nothing to build on and will wither away to nothing. When groups and teams meet, opinions are voiced to give the group something to start with or a way to continue. At times, opinions are shared that have little or no value to the task the team has set out to perform. Although the team gathers to earnestly listen to the opinions of their fellow team mates, human beings will always be selfish individuals and want fame and glory for...