Differences between internal and external recruitment.

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The recruitment and selection processes are often seen as one single action. However, two processes are involved. Recruitment is the overall process whereby companies employ staff to fill available or new positions whereas the selection process includes a series of actions to best identify the most suitable candidate for the specific vacant post. Some of the main goals and objectives of the recruitment and selection process are to ensure that all recruitment and selection procedures meet the terms of the equal opportunities policies. If the selection process is used inappropriately it may have the potential to discriminate against certain groups such as young/old, gender, people with disabilities, etc. The process should also ensure that appointments are made on merit and that the candidate has the skills, qualities, and abilities and experience necessary to do the job successfully.

The recruitment and selection process consists of: Job requisition, Analysis, Attracting Candidates, and selection.

Stage one in the recruitment and selection process is the job requisition. During this stage, Human Resources should consider if the post is actually needed as in some cases a new employee is not always the answer, For instance, some tasks may not be necessary, some tasks could be incorporated into another post while others could be completed in different ways, for example, by machine or computer. The work could be done on a part-time basis, flexi-time or job share basis or even be contracted out. To distinguish the tasks required to make up the job, it is wise to invest some time in clearly defining the role and expected outputs of the post and after that try to establish the range of skills and qualities candidates will have to possess. You may want to list the most important job tasks required of the post holder, the capabilities required...