Differences Between Mainstream Media and Aborginal Media

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The Voice of the "Other": Paralleling Mainstream Media and Speaking for Themselves

The media is involved in the construction of reality through the processes of socialization, legitimization, and agenda-setting which can be accomplished through selective exposure, limited range of options, or established priorities. Mainstream media is just that. It is media that is produced by and for the mainstream culture and segmented even more into producing for target markets within that mainstream ideal. Relentlessly, the media ignores the voice of the "other" and sends only messages, information and knowledge that is of interest to and easily digested by the dominant culture.

Several major newspapers such as the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail (Bell GlobeMedia), and The National Post (CanWest Global) claim to "Inform, Enlighten, and Entertain" "dole out diversity and connect to local communities ensuring that what interests Canadians - locally, nationally and internationally - makes it to the screen, into print and onto the Internet and create an environment where different Canadian voices support each other" , and conduct itself for the benefit of the public in the continued frank and full dissemination of news and opinions" .

The Toronto Star even goes as far as stating that "a progressive newspaper should contribute to the advancement of society through pursuit of social, economic and political reforms". And that they are particularly concerned about "injustice, be it social, economic, political, legal or racial" .

When it comes to deciding what is "newsworthy", these companies, and other print and broadcast companies make decisions based on what they and their audience deem important. Even when covering social and racial issues that involve other cultures, races, and class, the stories are written from a white, upper-middle class standpoint. This skews the messages that are being sent and more often than not, affects...