Differences between Men and Women

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Does equality really exist between both men and women? Men and women have always been treated been treated differently and have never been treated the same. Men and women don't share the same amount of strengths and weaknesses. Men and women also think very differently. The pressures of society between men and women also differ very much.

The strengths and weaknesses between men and women are very different. Men are always the strong ones physically but when it comes too mentally women always hold that title. Plenty of women also fall into being considered strong physically. The reason I say that is because when most women have children, they do have to go through labor and the delivery. I think that women are very strong for that. Women are also strong mentally for the fact that most women are smarter than most men. I consider men to be stronger physically for the simple fact that they work out and most men have tough jobs.

The minds of men and women never did think alike and I doubt that will ever happen. The ways women think is much more complicated then the way men do. Women always have to think about something before actually doing it or saying it. Most men just go for it and don't think. Women are also more emotional. The reason I believe this is because men want to seem stronger than women do so they hide their emotions but for some reason women don't even try and bother to hide their emotions. Most of the time when men hide their emotions it's because they want their image to appear as strong men and not weak men.

Men and women both suffer from the pressures of society in various ways. Men are expected to be strong.