differences between Packer's crime control and due process.

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There are several differences between Packer's crime control and due process. Packer's crime control is traditional conservative values, and due process are traditional liberal values. Packer's crime control is a fast, informal process with quick results, and due process is a slow, formal fact-finding process. Packer's crime control is an excellent way to close cases, but due process is the best way to prove innocent or guilt.

Packer's crime control wants the criminal-justice system to run more effective and uniformed with finality. Packer's crime control does not care much about the details of the case as it does the presumption of guilt. Under Packer's crime control, suspects are guilty of a crime because the suspect was arrested by the police, and the prosecutor charged the suspect with a crime. Packer's crime control tries to settle most cases with a plea bargain agreement because there is no room to challenge or appeal.

Under Packer's crime control, all cases are to be treated the same no matter the circumstances because it would speed up the criminal-justice process. The goal for the Packer's crime control is to move cases as fast as possible and to bring them to an end.

Due process is completely different from Packer's crime control. Due process is a much slower process than Packer's crime control. Due process gives the suspect more opportunities to prove they are innocent and show that evidence against them is false. The defendant can ask for a trial with due process, and if the defendant does not like the results of the trial, the defendant can appeal the decision. Unlike Packer's crime control where defendants are guilty, due process are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Packer's crime control puts much faith into the police. Packer's crime control did not consider...