What are the differences between romantic love and true love?

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There are many forms of love but the most commonly confused forms would have to be Romantic, and True. Even though many effects of Romantic and True love are the same, feelings and the reasons which cause the effects to take place, are what differentiate Romantic and True love. What causes a person to "fall" into either Romantic, or True love could be the same, but could also be different. Both will cause joy, but only Romantic love will cause pain.

Romantic love is a candle, when lit it burns bright and continues to burn until there is nothing left. When a person is in Romantic love, there is passion, mystery, and integrity. Once the passion is gone, all the mysteries solved, and the desire to know more is gone, just like the candle, the Love or some would say the lust is gone. It is not a matter of if Romantic love will end, but more so when it will end.

Everyone knows that the candle will burn out, but not too sure how long it will take. Still, in the end, when its all said and done one will experience one more thing that comes with Romantic love; Pain. Whether the pain is due to how and or why the love ended; the fact that it is over; or the feeling of despair because they were supposed to be "the one true love" the fact is, that it is there. Romantic Love is a cycle that will bring happiness along with despair, pleasure with pain, and joy with sorrow. It leaves one always wanting something better, only to be let down again and again, and sometimes harder and harder. If there is only one good thing about Romantic Love, that has no counter part,