This is about the Differences in Cyclones and Anti-Cyclones

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Cyclones and Anti-cyclones

There are many difference between a cyclone and an anti-cyclone. The Biggest difference is the wind pressure. A cyclone has to have a low pressure center, were as an anti-cyclone has to have a high pressure center. Another difference between an anti-cyclone and is the vortex. An anti-cyclones vortex changes starts out large and then becomes small or it can start out small and become large. But the cyclones vortex stays the same. Since an anti -cyclone is unpredictable in it size they can determine the unstable of it by the non-dimensional parameter. Another example of how different a cyclone and an anti-cyclone is the why they move. When an anti-cyclone rotates it splits apart, and then the two parts move away from each other. An anti-cyclone also moves counter-clockwise. But a cyclone moves clockwise. They move is way because of the air pressure.