Differences in Individuals

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Only if you are a hermit and live on a deserted island by yourself could you honestly say that your life is problem free and stress free. Even then, that may not be true, because you may talk to yourself. I believe there is not one area in your life that you could honestly say is problem free or stress free. To survive in life, whether the reasons are to satisfy your emotional needs or your survival needs, you almost always must communicate with others to satisfy these needs or wants. Through your childhood and your teenage years, you are dependent on your parents for financial support. They purchase your food, clothes, provide you with shelter, and give you the necessities of life. Sooner or later, I hope, you would want to be financially independent of them or anyone else. To accomplish this, you must go out and find a job.

You will probably work with others, some you will get along with great, and others you may find yourself conflicting with them. The reason this happens, is that all businesses and organizations are compiled or made up of very diverse individuals. Whether you work at McDonalds, a Bank, or serve in the military, you will work with others not exactly like you. Employees come in all different shapes and sizes. An organization has many different areas that it must take into consideration when they are attempting to build the perfect work environment. One area that is most important is to understand that everyone has individual differences. This occurs at the highest level to the lowest lever employee, and doesn't have to be in any particular order. It doesn't go by seniority or by rank; we are born to have individual differences, which are why we are so unique. However,