The differences of teaching certification in Pennsylvania and Alaska.

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There are different requirements for teaching certification in every state. Every state has different standards for teaching. It is crucial to know the standards for each state. This is important because every state's standard vary in requirements.

I am currently interested in becoming a teacher in either Pennsylvania or Alaska when I receive my teaching degree. Therefore, I wanted to get knowledge of the criteria that is needed for teaching certification in the states. I wanted to know what I would need to become a teacher. Therefore, I researched information on the Internet and used books to help me figure out the specifics of teaching certification in Pennsylvania and Alaska.

One of Pennsylvania's highest priorities of state government is the education of its children. Future teachers train for their teaching certificate in the schools of the Commonwealth by completing several requirements. These requirements include a student teaching or intern experience, Praxis Series tests, and application materials documenting that all certificate requirements have been met.

Before a certificate may be issued, Pennsylvania requires the evaluation of all candidates in basic skills, general knowledge, professional knowledge, and subject area knowledge before a certificate may be issued. At least a baccalaureate degree has to be earned and appropriate tests are required for initial certification in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Department of Education will acknowledge the scores for five years from the date of the test administration.

To apply for an initial certificate one must take the PPST Reading, PPST Writing, and PPST Mathematics. Also, Listening skills and Elementary School: Content Knowledge, Principles of Learning and Teaching, and Teaching: Grades 7-12 are required. Additional tests are required for all individuals who have a valid Pennsylvania Instructional I or II certificate and want to add another area to that certificate. Teachers who want dual certification will...